As Demasan Industrial Kitchen and Food Machinery family, we have been working to be the best in our field for many years. DEMASAN; It is a company that adopts the principle of transforming its earnings into investment in industrial kitchen equipment and food machinery and has expanded its service area at home and abroad.

Our company supplies industrial kitchen equipment and auxiliary materials to Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Fast Food, Cafeterias, Patisseries, Social Facilities, Hospitals, Factories, Ships, Laboratories, R&D Departments and Refrigerators. Our company, which offers quality, aesthetic and cost-effective solutions together, has the capabilities to successfully complete projects of all sizes.

We would like to thank you, our valued customers, who have kept the name DEMASAN among the best since its establishment, and we are working without any restrictions to serve you in the best way, as we have done until today, and we are happy to see your support in this process.

Our company registered its quality with 2 Different Awards in 2018; It was deemed worthy of the Anadolu Superior Quality Award 2018 and the Diplomaten Dmw International 2018 Quality Award and the 2024 Eurasia Quality Award by the Eurasian Consumer Protection Association in 2024. Our company is advancing with firm steps and determination towards becoming a quality and solid brand that grows day by day and spreads from Anatolia all over the world, with hundreds of dealers and thousands of customers at home and abroad.

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